So you dabbled with the Deck Starter, sampled your top-three colors and are in the midst of building your deck—nice work. But what to do with those leftover Trex decking samples? We’ve got a few ideas.

 1. Floating shelf. Exactly what your home office was missing. And all it calls for is your favorite tanned leather and a couple mounting screws—then you’ve got a perfect perch for a plant or cherished photo.

 2. On-the-go station. A much-needed mudroom nook for key rings, leashes and dog treats. Simply screw in 1-3 hooks, along with a hose clamp for a catchall jar.

 3. House address sign. One trip to the hardware store for some numbers and you’re more than halfway done with this stylish front-stoop addition. Bonus points for a planter extension.

 4. Mini herb garden. Because who doesn’t want a fistful of basil or mint an arm’s distance away in the kitchen? Just grab a few hose clamps (try copper for a farmhouse feel), Mason jars, soil and seeds.

 5. Bottle Opener. Bottoms up. Lean it against the house, or mount it above a basket to collect your caps for the next DIY project.